Freitag, 25. November 2016

Helfen in Not und der letzte Strohhalm

Das Wochenende naht, und manch einer lehnt sich schon genüsslich der wohlverdienten Couch entgegen, aber ich bräuchte da noch kurz Ihre Hilfe, bettelt man ja bei Helfen in Not gar fürchterlich um Aufmerksamkeit:

Noch einmal hat man nach langer Herbergssuche ein Konto erhalten, und der treue Leser weiß, was nun kommt, möge ja auch dieser letzte Strohhalm den Salafisten ganz schnell entzogen werden:

Ich danke im Voraus für Ihre Mühe.

Guten Tag und ein schönes Wochenende

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  1. Hast du noch alle Streusel auf dem Kuchen? Du postest hier eine voll funftionfähige IBAN. Gehts noch? Hab die IBAN grad eben geprüft. Auf welcher Seite stehst du eigentlich? Nicht sehr helle im Kopf, man hätte wenigstens die IBAN entsprechend kürzen können.

    1. Mein kleiner Freund, soll ich auch den Verein durchstreichen? Da steht nix, was nicht ganz offen auf der Helfen in Not Seite steht.

    2. Wie praktisch denkend du doch veranlagt bist. Dann muss man sich gar nicht mehr mühselig auf die Seite von 'Helfen in Not' begeben, man kann dann gleich hier die Infos bekommen, um den Wegelagerern die Kohle direkt aufs Konto zu laden. Aber unser lieber großer Georg E(selsohr), der sich angeblich niemals beleidigt fühlt wenn es um seine Person geht, weiß wiedermal alles besser. Man weiß sogar alles besser als die Commerzbank, die schon bei bloßer Angabe des Namens 'Bekir Astuerk' bestens Bescheid weiß. Ein Service ist das hier, die Salafisten-Ummah dankt!

    3. Guter Versuch...ging aber daneben :D

    4. "Ein Service ist das hier, die Salafisten-Ummah dankt!"

      Das ist es: Georg heißt im wahren Leben Abu al Almani, lebt seit 2011 in Waziristan und möchte mit dem Blog seinen Akhis helfen. Nu ist es raus. Ist quasi quantenstatistisch bewiesen, oder so.

      Made my day.

      gez. Großer Kommentator

    5. Über was regst du dich eigentlich so künstlich auf? die Iban ist doch von Helfen in Not selbst ins Internet gestellt.Kann doch jeder bei FB und Youtube ebenso nachlesen.

    6. @ Grosser Kommentator 0613 hrs

      I am a bit disappointed that George's alias is Abu al Almani. What an uninspired name.

      I am not really educated in fighter names - did not even change or added sthg to my name when forced to convert for the sin of marrying the woman I love.

      I propose the commentators on this blog should use their imagination to support George in finding a more meaningful / significant name.

      I think they should refrain from using the almani bit, or the Cityghadi bit, or the referring to some long dead "scholars" or biblical or quranic figures. Too easy to find out his real hiding place.

      What is needed is real imagination!!!!!

      It must be a really conspirative or conspicuous alias.

      Here my request - support George with a new name fellow commentators to collect more money for the Global Jihad. Open your minds. George desperately needs an intelligent alias to hide his wicked intentions from the "Bundesverfassungsschmutz" as his bed - so sorry George - sofa mate Bernie would prefer to say.

      I already donated 1 Euro - which after deducting the bank cost should be around 10 to 20 Euro Cent. I was generous.

      I asked you all to donate 1 Euro Cent to the account of "Helfen in Not". Let the account explode. No bank will sustain such ridiculous amounts for long. The overhead cost are just too high.

      BUT: and that is more important: you support Jihadi George.

    7. Das diese Org. das Geldwäsche und Equipment Verschiebeinstrument von Sven Lau war ist ja jetzt auch auch schon hinreichend bekannt.

      Jetzt weiss es auch die Bank.
      Viele islamische Orgs laufen eh schon über türkischen Banken.

    8. Um ein Konto zu melden, muss man die gesamten Daten angeben.

    9. @Shawn

      "What is needed is real imagination!!!!!"

      Hmm, I doubt I can get to this level of imagination. I'm just a little philistine.

      But "Jihadi George" sounds good to me.

      gez. Großer Kommentator

    10. "I am a bit disappointed that George's alias is Abu al Almani. "

      Some call him the Last Prophet, some Allah.

    11. @ Anonym 1313 hrs
      This one is not for you but for George:

      George - I am so sorry - you have divine status now - at least for some. That does not go down well with me.

      I think you might wish to explain yourself to your alleged some brainwashed followers.

    12. @ Grosser Kommentator 1436 hrs

      Actually, I think you and I have to say sorry to George and retract our "Jihadi George" proposal.
      I was careless. I remember reading that the poor souls in IS prisons named their torturers acc to the surnames of the members of The Beatles. A band of funny Liverpoodlian mates who produced rather nice music. Music - even we Muslim love. Ok - not the Salafi wankers.
      I know Jihadi John was killed. I do not know about Paul, George and Ringo.
      But I know it is rather obscene to name George after Jihadi torturers and murderers.
      So George - here are my unreserved apologies. I am really sorry. I did not think - in an ill-fated attempt to be funny.
      I think I should rather call the Prophet - the Prophet acc to Salafi interpretation - to be Jihadi George. At least I only insult a dead and and misused and misinterpreted individual - and not a living human being.

      Sorry as well to Grosser Kommentator for making such stupid proposal. It was really not clever from my side.

    13. @Anonym 0821 hrs

      Turkish Banks:
      Here my two cents of a thought. I love the idea to use a Turkish bank. No accountability and no transparency.
      Donate Euro 1 and you can be sure that only 15 Euro Cent will reach the intended enduser - if at all.
      The rest is bank charges, brothel visits, travels abroad, whoring, dinning, drinking, shopping, education for the already pampered sons and daughters, administrative cost, donations, happenings, .... and of course unknown reasons.
      Applause !
      And every Muslim that falls for the scam of the Salafi scum should skip Friday Prayer and read the News. It helps. Time invested wisely. Trust me.

    14. "Jetzt weiss es auch die Bank.
      Viele islamische Orgs laufen eh schon über türkischen Banken."

      Dieser hier auch
      Türkische Bankverbindung:

      Empfänger: Bekir Astuerk

      Bank: Tuerkiye Is Bankasi Edirne Subesi

      IBAN: TR940006400000213000462840


      Schon eine merkwürdige "Organisation" die nicht mal ein Konto unter ihrem Namen hat sondern einen Strohmann brauht.

  2. George,
    me followed above conversation with a lot of enjoyment and laughter. Me (me is working class, maybe upper working or lower middle class, but surely not middle or upper middle class) just transfered Euro 1 to the mentioned account to make Anonym 0218 and 0251 hrs really fuming in his pants.
    You did it George – bastard you – I support the one and only true messaging godly wankers.
    Me waiting for a formal complaint in a German Court for supporting terrorism because a retarded Anonym cannot get a joke. What was it again you posted yesterday?
    By the way: You are really a miserable sot. When I published the link to Acid Abou in Malaysia no one bothered about the SEB link under the video. So enjoy babe – your are now public enemy No. 1. Why am I still laughing?!?!
    Here my conspiracy theory: Anonym 0218 and 0251 did not watch the video link about Abou darling. He just got a boner reading your blog today. Otherwise he / she / they should have noticed earlier my implied support for Jihad and complained about it as well. You think conspiracy theories are wrong – bullshit!!! Anonym has conclusively proven that you – Georgie boy – support terrorism. Actually – I think your real name is George Alan O‘Dowd. Come on mate – confess – I revealed your true identity. No Elsie, ------ you know you real name. I even know your birthday 1961.06.14.
    So George – you little German wanker – you are welcome in the Global Jihad – or so – my beloved sister or brother or tranny.
    Anyway, you are a marked human being from now on. Wait for the day your country is great again – just survive some 10 years in a bancrupt country – and like a phoenix out of the ashes you will rise again to show a finger to the hard working German Hartz IV beneficiaries.
    Now – you would not dare to say that I have prejudices against alleged Hartz IV beneficiaries – would you.
    May Allah bless you.
    In case Anonym 0218 and 0251 hrs wishes to ask me. Yes - I think my comment is funny. So spare your efforts and watch your porn. Fuck me - again these unbased prejudices. I retract that Statement.

  3. One question to "Helfen in Not"

    You first sentence "As S-----tuh" encompasses several spelling and grammatical errors.

    My Muslim family was asking me whether some German Muslims are deprived from linguistic skills and even dared to question your German educational system. I could not argue with them since they all are fluent in their own language and two foreign languages ie English and German plus Basic knowledge in French and Mandarin. Sorry - no Arabic - they somehow can live with a rough translation of the Quran in Bahasa Melayu. Actually, it makes me wonder quite a bit. How can they have anything to contribute to true Islam being deprived of the divine knowledge of the original Quran and the self declared German scholars? But they can shout out the word Jew in Arabic. That is a start - do you not think so. Maybe an issue to discuss another time.

    Well I am normally not the little linguistic wanker - knowing my own shortcomings in my own and three foreign languages - who makes fun of missing education. But than again - I do not Claim to do the work of God or that God speaks through me. Abou Nagie - I am by no means your class of divine Revelation. Allah knew why he did choose you - even if it was a rather bad choice. Or do you just claim to be a speaker for Allah. You know Abou - mentally retarded individuals have a lot of delusions. But that is science. And science is not in Arabic.

    Blame my Muslim family for being so obsessed with anti Islamist thoughts. They learnt - under the rule of true Islam as propagated by the self declared German converted scholars - they would not survive much longer. So - they said - we want to have fun in the material world since the material world is the only world proven to exist - before German preachers take over again after some 70 years.

    I do not why - I sympathise with their thoughts.

  4. George
    I am really sorry – but today I am really out of line. I just read that a certain Danny Seis wrote: „ungerechte Bevorteilung von Partikularinteressen auf Kosten der Allgemeinheit“.
    a. Why unjustified?
    b. Why preference?
    c. Why individual or particular interests?
    Why? Because the German constitution and democarcy demand the protection and equal treatment of all incl. minorities and those in need. Quite simple. That is the principle. The principle that lays the foundation for all decisions. Of course that principle and the resulting decisions are misused by individuals – but that does not mean that the principle or the decisons based upon it are wrong. There are always those that misuse a good idea. Just a simple example: I would prefer that I get my contributions to the German Pension and health fund back 1:1. I could live happily another 40 years. OOOOHHHH – I would like to get a refund from the health insurance. 2 fractured achilles tendons. Each time I left hospital after three days. Never used a taxi to go to the doctor. I fucking walked three km - one way - with my crutches. I was Young - I loved to do it. Nothing more boring but to stay at home. Injected my own daily blood thinning injections - my nephew was looking forward every day to see his uncle placing the needle . Did my own rehabilitation with no cost at all to the general public. I am not proud pof it - it is just me.
    Sure there are individuals that take all the comforts from your health insurance. I do not like it. I just call them wankers and go on with my life.
    a. At the cost of the general public?
    Really? Forget the general accusation. But I give an example how wrong this statement is. I do not care whether someone likes homosexuals marriages or not. But recognising such marriages means that it is not at the cost of the general public.
    Just imagine dearest Danny Seis Boy. George and I have a homosexual relationship and are married – he works, I do not for the simple reason that we decided that I take care of our common household, iron his shirrts and trouser and do the gardening, Shopping, cooking... After 20 years of marriage we are divorced. I can claim from George financial support – at the cost of George – and not the general public. Get the difference.
    And now I ask you – who actually damages Germany? The many wankers or some homosexuals that actually unburden the cost to the general public.
    But I dare to ask you even further Danny: Besides blowing hot air on your keyboard – do you have one constructive proposal? I have - many - but you will not like them - because they are all against the existing social net. I like the social net - I am all for it - but not for me. And I am prepared to bear the consequences of that decision.
    I am happy with the system you guys have in Germany - with all ist shortcomings. I have lived in too many countries not to have learnt that the system in Germany is freaking good. A system I do not participate in at all although I paid in for 20 years. My two Operation were paid by the public for playing a so called dangerous Sport - how socially unconsiderate of me. Well - so acc to your ill fated reasoning Danny I played handball at the cost of the general public?????

    So Danny - you paid for me. But the "Schwule" not so much your business - freaking mate.

    I wonder Danny - according to your reasoning - whether a Schwuler with a crack of his boner should get medical treatment - or only the Dieter Bohlen's of this world.

    I am so sick having to argue with individuals that have a big filthy mouth but no constructive proposals at all.

    Please note I never called you Danny Boy - I do not like my Irish heritage to be mentioned in the same context.

  5. Sorry George,
    I am again out off line.
    Here a link from today's news. Actually a vigil that goes on now for 6 days in several places in KL/PJ but for whatever unknown reason to me shitty Muslim has not yet caught the attention of the defenders of the Ummah in Germany.

    Never say again I write from a 3rd world country. OK - there are of course as well non Muslim wankers asking for the freedom of a Muslim lady. Must read my Quran again. That might explain why the German Ummah under Pee Wee and his charlatans has not yet noticed it.

    I think I am not fair. Pee Wee and his associated charlatans need to concentrate on the general good of their Ummah. So one single lady - not even a penis equipped mammal - does not count so much in the Salafi Ummah.

    Here my challenge: I donate Euro 1,000 to Helfen in Not if any of your commentators can pick out Abou Nagie in the picture or any picture of any vigil held in favour of Maria Chin Abdullah.

    I understand from Abou Nagie after his biased and unjustified conviction in Cologne that he stand for transparency and accountability. Just like Marcel Krass does. So - they should be there.

    Unconfirmed reports in Saudi Arabia state that Abou Nagie and Marcel Krass will be decorated with honoury directorship of Transparency International for money laundering. But that surely must be a lie. No Saudi ruler or cleric is corrupt. Never. They protect the holy sides of Medina and Mekka. OK - they srew the pilgrims - but that is not being corrupt - it is business.

  6. Ob das eine Aktion dieses Vereins ist, in der Not um Regen beten, in der Tradition der Regentänze.
    "Prayers for rain performed in all Syrian mosques"

    Ich würde das ja machen, wenn Vegetationszeit ist, nicht gerade im Winter.
    Wo solls eigentlich regnen.

    1. @ Anonym 0841 hrs

      I explain it to you:
      same thing - wrong God - bad - haram - not religious
      same thing - right God - good - halal - religious
      You could say as well: Performing a dance for rain in the open = uncivilised and ungodly.
      Praying for rain in a structure of worship = civilised and agreeable to god.

      Above is Religion in a nutshell.

      More annoying. You comment implies that praying is not helpful. You are so stupid - the internet is full with fundamentalist religious scientific proof that prayer helps. Helps to heal you from sickness, get a salary increment, a good mark in school, a mammal from the opposite sex to mate, ......sunshine for your latest bbq or outdoor party and of course rain.
      There is no nature - there is only God's will and we humans always have to show him our faith. And if we do not do so - he will send an earthquake, a meteor or a tsunami to kill the innocent for the ungodly ways of some.

      That might well be considered summary punishment like the worst mass murderers in human history following the example of God did. But God is fifferent. He wants us to be reminded of him and tests our faith.
      That is why any fundamentalist will of course as well understand that they have to pray for rain.
      So matie - get spiritual and pray for snow and enjoy skiing this winter. If no snow this year - blame the Jews, the Muslims, the christians, the homosexuals, the aortionists, democracy, the children, the toddlers, the babies, ...... anyone you individually despise with all your spiritual heart.

      If you think above is offensive - it is not. It describes in a nutshell the teachings of any religious fundamentalist - who roam the world by calling themselves preachers and godly men.

      If you or I would say that - they would put us in a closed institution - for good - not god.

  7. Was passiert , wenn man unter diesem Verwendungszweck spendet? Hat man dann den Verfassungsschutz am Hals?

    1. "Was passiert , wenn man unter diesem Verwendungszweck spendet? Hat man dann den Verfassungsschutz am Hals?"

      Wie denkst Du wohl wird der Verfassungsschutz reagieren, wenn er herausgefunden hat, daß auf einem Konto von einer Terrorzelle diverse Spendengelder überwiesen worden sind? Na, hat's bei Dir da oben geklingelt?

    2. Es ist mir klar, was dann mit dem Konto dieser Organisation passiert- meine Frage war, was mir passiert. Ich möchte durch die Spende ja das Konto aufdecken und nicht selber zum Terrorunterstützer in den Augen des Verfassungsschutzes werden

    3. "Wie denkst Du wohl wird der Verfassungsschutz reagieren, wenn er herausgefunden hat, daß auf einem Konto von einer Terrorzelle diverse Spendengelder überwiesen worden sind"

      Man könnte ja den Verfassungsschutz informieren und nur eine unwesentliche Summe spenden, so 0,05€.

    4. @ Anonym 0333 hrs and Safka 0010 hrs

      I think you underestimate your own Verfassungsschutz. Once they see thousands of 10 Euro Cent being transfered to the account they will have a good laugh.

      But Helfen in Not will not get the joke. Trust me.

  8. Diese (Salafisten-)Hintermänner von "Helfen in Not" sind schon ein trolliger Haufen. Beschweren sich öffentlich über das westliche Bankenwesen der Kuffar mit seinem Zinssystem, aber nutzen es hinten herum um darauf Spendengelder für sich zu horten.

    Was für Oberhonks!

    Mosque attendance during Friday Prayer in Terrenganu drops by 70 to 80 %.
    What other reason should there be to triple or quadruple the penalty for not attending Friday Prayer in Malaysia’s most islamic federal state run by the Pan Islamic Party (PAS). Sóon public whipping will be added for the impotent clerics to give them some pleasure in their miserable lives.
    Now – you will not tell me that it is because of the federal state’s economy – run down by PAS since it is in power.
    There is no compulsion in Religion except for Friday Prayer – say the heretics.
    The crazies are on the march again – and those who object must learn: U Must Not Object ie UMNO – ok that is our ruling party hard working on the introduction of some privately invented hudud law together with PAS.
    Abou Nagie is right: democracy and heretical interpretations of Islam do not go together and the miserable sot‘s organisation was banned for telling the truth. Shame on you Germans. Do you not see the truth. OK maybe not the truth but at least the reality.
    Me will buy a camel tomorrow - at least I was told that I can have sex on it - said the Prophet.

    1. Aha, they read the quran 2;256
      "There is no compulsion in religion. ..." ?

      Some words must have other meanings as the first impression seems to be.

    2. @ Cairn 1645 hrs
      You see Cairn - we might "cross our swords" from time to time. So be it - nothing wrong with that.
      You are right - all is open to interpretation with religious texts. That damned "Zeitgeist" which especially fundamentalists deny and curse all the time.
      And my Muslim sis and bros on this blog never dare to engage in a discussion with a Muslim.
      You should know Cairn - the vast majority of scholars claims that Friday Prayer is compulsory. And once we have established that - we start discussing the Topic / Content / Tenor of such Friday Prayers.

      That is the moment they will finally fail. So they keep quiet.

      You Cairn are anyway a non muslim wanker that has nothing to say about Islam or muslim affairs as the fundamentalists will tell you. If you think about it a bit longer other religious fundamentalist state the same.

      Me, I am a Muslim wanker - and that makes it so much more difficult for them because they cannot stop me talking and cannot touch me. I am allowed to speak out - not like you.

      And that fact makes them really angry.

    3. @shawn
      There is no compulsion in religion. ..
      "You are right - all is open to interpretation with religious texts."

      Indeed, inbetween SAA muslims force the islamist muslims with a staggering speed out of many east Aleppo districts.

      "I am allowed to speak out - not like you.

      I don't ask.

      By the way what a long time could not be answered by any muslim i questioned.
      Why are fish with scaels are allowed to eat and others not.
      Any idea ?

    4. @ Cairn 1310 hrs
      You "do not ask" - but you do all the time - and for the not so friendly Salafis - they do not ask as well - they just kick your arse and the really addicted ones would like to chop of your head.

      Well I tried to figure out what you mean with scaels. I did not get it. Do you mean scales - ie "Schuppe"?

      OK - they only thing that I understand is that animals living on land and in the water - you know these (petrol / battery)hybrids that Allah created are not meant for Salafi consumption. Why - forgive me - after 10 years I have not yet found the ruling, saying, revelation. So I keep on eating frogs, snakes, snails, turtles, crocodiles,.... But I do not eat these funny fish that hop from water hole to water hole during low tide. I ate them ones and found them rather distasteful.
      But all shellfish are allowed - although in a certain way they are hybrids as well - but less so - or so - or the other way around.
      Anyway - the nice thing with Islam - like any other religion is - not knowing does not condemn you to hell. That is why I can eat pig or dog - if I do not know it is pig or dog - which I already did. I can even eat from your bbq if you do not tell me that you grilled a hybrid on it. Or - I just give a fuck and do not ask - just like you.

      I know a very insufficient answer for the seekers of the truth. But at least I am honest and do not trust an oxymoron like Pee Wee or Acid Abou.

    5. @shawn
      "Do you mean scales - ie "Schuppe"?

      OK - they only thing that I understand is that animals living on land and in the water..."
      Yes, scales.
      Zhe best explanation i read , when Mohammed parted the Jordan, there were fish with scales who could not dig into the wet ground like scaleless fish can do.
      So the lay around dying.
      Then Moha asked them to convert to islam, then the water would come back. So they did and became a halal muslim fish. Muslims eat their fishy brothers.
      The fish in the ground sent Moha packing and stayed atheists.

      In mideval times the monks in the fastening times ate beaver, because they called them a "fish", because they spend so much time in the water, also otters. Quite inventive if hungry.


    Abou Nagie is right - Democracy and Fundamentalist Islam do not go together. The more because of the attrocities committed by Western nations past and present, the Jews, Islamophobia, divide and rule policies of the West, sex, drugs, alcohol,
    polygamie, fishing the oceans empty, cultural imperialism, environmental damages, the return of Christ, the final battle, ......

    You need proof - here it is:

    And that is just one guy who makes it to the nation wide press.

    As long as you do not take the bullshit serious - ie attrocities, Jews, sex, alcohol, ....... you democratic wankers will never understand.

    Allah choose me - to spread his messages. I thank Allah for that - choosing me - a humble converted Muslim - ok me no criminal record.

    What I do not get is that Abou Nagie claims as well that Allah did choose him. Every Muslim must be offended because he blasphemes and hurts the feelings of the Ummah.

    Allah likes to spread peaceful controversy? Looks like Allah promotes democracy. Me so fucking confused

    Prove - that my logic wrong.

    And here my account. 1293187827018

    UUUHHH George - better do not publish it. Anyway without Bank and IBAN and BIC it does not help too much.

    1. "Looks like Allah promotes democracy. Me so fucking confused "

      Sure , the ancient democracy of Athen.
      Slaveholders, only the heads of the most influential families were allowed to vote and no women.

    2. @ Cairn 0919 hrs

      So you mean that Allah follows man made laws. Never. He is almighty - maybe a bit disturbed. C'mon he has to take of the whole Universe.

      But I agree with you - that is the "democratic" System we Muslims are told is superior incl. buying votes, forging election results,....

      And I do not care about those who say that might happen in the West as well. I am a Muslim talking about Muslim countries - None of your funny defenders of Islam does it.

  11. Islamistische Orgs und ihre Zahlen.
    Bild berichtet gerade mal über die berüchtigten
    Weissen Helme.

    In einem Thema.
    "Das erste Team nahm im März 2013 im Norden Aleppos seine Arbeit auf, seitdem ist die Organisation rasant gewachsen, mit mehr als 2600 Freiwilligen und 105 Teams in mehr als 20 Städten. ..


    18 000 Menschenleben haben sie seit ihrer Gründung gerettet, wie eine Sprecherin zu BILD sagte. "

    Ein anderer.
    "„Die White Helmets haben im März 2013 ihre Arbeit aufgenommen, seitdem haben wir mehr als 70 000 Menschen gerettet ..."
    Kleine Differenz zu 18 000.

    "Al-Mawwas: „Wir sind in allen befreiten Gebieten Syriens:...."

    Bloss das die nur in Rebellengebieten arbeiten, befreit ist da relativ.

    "Wir haben viele Soldaten des Assadregimes oder seiner irakischen Verbündeten gerettet, wenn diese Hilfe benötigten.“

    Bloss das die wohl kaum in Islamistengebieten Hilfe brauchen.

    Hab auch nie gesehen, das die mal jemand über 6 Jahren gerettet hätten.

  12. "...And here my account. 1293187827018

    UUUHHH George - better do not publish it. Anyway without Bank and IBAN and BIC it does not help too much...."
    Mit albernen Beiträgen verschwendet man nur die Zeit der blog-Teilnehmer.

    1. @ Anonym 0127 hrs

      Do not mind matie - I wait for your contribution for the more serious ones.

      I do not even mind that I waste your time. Since you kept silent on Anonym 0218 and 0251 hrs.

      Do Anonym's 0218 and 0251 hrs nurses know he / she has access to a computer?

  13. NEWS ALERT !!!! 1/2
    Let us assume this is true:
    I wonder when the rest of the gang will arrive in our country. Zakir already got three Islands, btw: obtained illegally.
    WHILST for example.
    a. individuals born in this country do not get citizenship, as such they are deprived from health care, education, job opportunities, passports, .....
    b. Even I would not get citizenship - living here for 10 years, paying taxes, spending my money and being married to a local Malay Muslim.
    And they dare to tell Muslims about the supremacy of Islam and their Salafi interpretation. I do not even need a Quran to prove the superiority of democracy and man made laws. I will defend islamic spirituality as much as any religious spirituality I will not defend religious extremism and right out lies.
    OK - I am not a Salafi hate preacher. I must change my attitude. If only half of the accusations are true than we really have fucked up so called and self declared Muslim leaders.,_Views_and_Debates
    Consequently - some "kill the kuffar" should earn me an Island and the highest honours my country has to offer. OK - I do not require citizenship - as long as I wank around with the right people - I will be protected by my fellow criminals.
    c. And now for the sake of information from an official leaflet of our Employees Provident Fund ie our National Pension Fund (our retirement age being 55. I collected the leaflet days ago:
    - „65 % of EPF members have less than RM 50,000 in their savings when they reach 55 years (as at 2015)“.
    - „Most members spend their entire EPF savings within 3 to 5 years“. Wow - the average wanker spends RM 10 k to 16 k a year considering that there is no national health insurance after retirement. Do not worry my fellow Muslims - Zakir Naik claims that insurance is anyway unislamic.
    - „The average life expectancy for Malaysians are 75 years“. Which makes the above mentioned 65 % reaching 75 years having some RM 210 per month over 20 years (not considering interest rate and inflation and that poor people on average do not reach 75 years). Which makes it some Euro 45 per month (at the current exchange rate) for a working life of let us say 30 to 35 years. Considering as well that my home country is enjoying independance since 31.08.1957 ie some 60 years – more or less the average lifetime of a Malaysian born at that date.
    But of course - Allah is with us - whilst Abou`s, Zakirs, politicians and clerics suck our country dry. How about using political Islam to stop this and change it for the betterment of society and our retired citizens. Not ONE fucking word – Not ONE!!!!
    ME so sorry - the Salafis have not thought about it back in 680 - 700. Allah did as well not and the Prophet was anyway delusional.
    Our PM gets undeclared donations of USD 680 million from an unknown donour or donours in Saudi Land in his private accounts. The jury is still out whether it was one donour or several donours. His stepson being involved in a US Court suit, being accussed of having embezzled some USD 1 billion. Our PM's wife - out of Allah's blue sky - received some RM 2 Million cash paid into her account in 8 tranches of RM 250 k.
    And now the German Palestinian wanker and the Indian wanker spreading allegedly the nonsense of Salafism in Malaysia. A recipe for desaster.
    I wonder - should I feel sorry or just turn around in absolute disgust. Those are facts - facts that having nothing to do with the West - but the Ummah knows the true enemy and wankers like Zakir, Nagie, Najib, Erdogan, Saudi king, UAE monarchs, etc …. laugh their socks off how stupid the above mentioned average Muslim is - filling their pockets with ill gotten gains.

  14. NEWS ALERT !!!! 2/2

    But of course - Allah is with us - whilst Abou`s, Zakirs, politicians and clerics suck our country dry. How about using political Islam to stop this and change it for the betterment of society and our retired citizens. Not ONE fucking word – Not ONE!!!!
    ME so sorry - the Salafis have not thought about it back in 680 - 700. Allah did as well not and the Prophet was anyway delusional.
    Our PM gets undeclared donations of USD 680 million from an unknown donour or donours in Saudi Land in his private accounts. The jury is still out whether it was one donour or several donours. His stepson being involved in a US Court suit, being accussed of having embezzled some USD 1 billion. Our PM's wife - out of Allah's blue sky - received some RM 2 Million cash paid into her account in 8 tranches of RM 250 k.
    And now the German Palestinian wanker and the Indian wanker spreading allegedly the nonsense of Salafism in Malaysia. A recipe for desaster.
    I wonder - should I feel sorry or just turn around in absolute disgust. Those are facts - facts that having nothing to do with the West - but the Ummah knows the true enemy and wankers like Zakir, Nagie, Najib, Erdogan, Saudi king, UAE monarchs, etc …. laugh their socks off how stupid the above mentioned average Muslim is - filling their pockets with ill gotten gains.
    No wonder they all hate democracy, pluralism, humanism, philosophy, liberty, freedom and constantly declare all these ideas to be not compatible with Islam.

    Finally, I dare you to think about it. I look 500 years ahead. Islam will have gone through decades of internal wars, the invention of printing books and the computer, a reformation, the enlightenment, secualrism, democracy, humanism, pluralism, liberalism, human rights, ……..
    I sincerely wonder - will the liberal Muslims in 2516 dare to claim – that all this was developed and achieved thanks to Islam (Christianity does so today – just check EKD website). Will there still be radicals claiming that contemporary Islam in 2516 is too liberal, following the „Zeitgeist“, betraying and straying from the teachings of God, being syphilitic, undemocratic, promoting a literal reading and understanding of their booklet…… (just like Evangelicals do so today in 2016).
    My advise – let us all turn Buddhists – start believing in reincarnation – of course only after Buddhism has been changed to include that once reincarnated we will remember our experiences from former lives.
    I think we will have a good laugh in 500 years ie how stupid the religious still will be. I do not mean spiritualism (although it is not my piece of cake) – I mean real life stupidity, fabricated lies that are sold to the gullible as constituting scientific truth or in more simple words: „The Flintstones“ are a real life drama proven in the respective booklets.
    All of course is all determined by the thought that Armageddon did not happen yet – and the few Jews still roam the world - intending to rule it.

    I agree - I am anti religion - not the religious spiritualism - but the fundamentalism that Claims to know the truth, to rule my life and deprieve my from free thought (right or wrong).

  15. @ Anonym 1313 hrs
    You had a great idea. I need to discuss it with George.
    I understand that George has some 43 followers and an unknown number of commentators. So here my Fundamentalist Religious Business Proposal:
    Every registered follower donates Euro 100 per month to cover George's and my expenses ie internet high speed connection, computers, printers, monitors, cars, travels, electricity, research, .... cripsps and booze. Every non registered member donates Euro 150 per month. After a trial period of three month he can decide to become a registered follower for an registration fee of Euro 150. If not - fuck you. Once being a registered follower the monthly fee will be reduced to Euro 100.
    George - our net income would be at least Euro 6,000 per month in addition to our current salary. All that for publishing 5 funny blogs every week and enjoying the comments we receive. I even dare to propose a month end Sunday Special for a small extra contribution of Euro 20.
    Ppppssssttt George: of course - once our followers get addicted we will invent some extra sources of money. And trust me - having lived and worked some 30 years abroad - I know how money laundering works.
    In short: I propose to find some gullible souls to act as our stramen - strawwomen. They will have to take the blame whilst we enjoy our lives abroad.
    So forget as well your wife and family. Champagne, lobster, whores, 5 star hotels, yachts,.... - the easy life awaits you and me - thanks to the idiots we will shamelessly exploit.
    Imagine - writing your blogs from a deskchair on a beach in the tropics. Trust me - we can even produce a video once a month for an additional Euro 25 per member (just my first idea). We might even find an local administrator of our website. Malysians are cheap. Euro 300 per month.

    George, imagine, you already have 43 registered followers. Now take only the 80 Million Germans. We get more aggressive - and our Membership will increase in no time. Our income of course as well.

    I call that a Business Plan. You play good cop - I play bad cop - or the other way around. Abou and the Pee Wee's of this world will eat their hearts out.

  16. George,

    You have been exposed already on Friday. I am so afraid that someone will expose me one day. So I decided to submit my own coming out before someone else does so:

    Es ist Donnerstagabend. Der Parkplatz der Josua-Gemeinde in Spandau füllt sich nach und nach mit Autos verschiedenster Kennzeichen. Wenn man ins Foyer kommt, wird man von dynamischen jungen Erwachsenen begrüßt und kriegt eine „Goodie-Bag“ in die Hand gedrückt. Im Hintergrund läuft Lobpreis. Das kann nur eins heißen: Es ist wieder MIA!
    Am vergangen Wochenende fand wie jedes Jahr die Jugendmitarbeiter-Konferenz des Mülheimer Verbands - kurz MIA - statt. Gastgeber war die Josua-Gemeinde in Spandau, die mit einem Team von freiwilligen Helfern Unglaubliches stemmte. Es waren 280 Jugendmitarbeiter aus ganz Deutschland angemeldet, so viele wie noch nie. An so einem Wochenende geht es darum, gemeinsam Gott zu begegnen, sich auszutauschen, Freundschaften zu knüpfen und Inspiration für die eigene Jugendgruppe zu bekommen.
    Ich wusste nicht so ganz, was ich dieses Jahr erwarten sollte, aber ich war motiviert. Relativ schnell stellte sich aber heraus, was Gott für mich vorbereitet hatte: Hunger! Hunger nach Ihm, Seiner Gegenwart und Seinem Wirken. Und dieser Hunger sollte sowohl gestillt als auch neu angefacht werden.
    Jeden Tag gab es eine Morgen- und eine Abendsession, gefüllt mit Lobpreis von der legendären MIA-Band, einem geistlichen Input und der Möglichkeit zum Austausch. Außerdem gab es täglich die Chance, durch verschiedene Workshops, für die Jugendmitarbeit und das persönliche Leben mit Gott ausgerüstet zu werden.Johnny Nimmo ist Pastor des CenTral in Marburg und kam mit einem kleinen Team, um uns als Gastredner zu dienen. Sein Fokus lag einerseits darauf, wie wir in der Kraft des Heiligen Geistes leben können aber auch darauf, jeden zu ermutigen, sein volles Potenzial auszuschöpfen. Mich haben seine unkonventionellen, frischen Predigten gefesselt und zum Umsetzen angeregt.
    Highlights waren für mich definitiv die beiden Abende, in denen wir dem Heiligen Geist wirklich Raum gegeben haben, unter uns zu wirken. Menschen wurden von der Liebe Gottes, seinem Frieden und seiner Freiheit für uns berührt und verändert. Ich bin so froh, dass wir zwar den gleichen Gott haben, er uns aber so gut kennt, dass er uns genau das gibt, was wir brauchen. Und natürlich war ich auch froh, alte Freundschaften neu aufleben zu lassen.
    Jetzt gilt es, das Gelernte umzusetzen und im Alltag genauso mit Gottes Gegenwart zu rechnen. Ich bin gespannt …
    Als kleine Visualisierung gibt es das Video zur MIA hier.
    Judith Rietz
    I could argue now. An Organisation of some 4,800 with 280 staff members for the young. I wonder where their focus lies, considering 20% of your salary Membership fee, +, +, +.

    So please forgive me George. I am actually an evangelical. Sending meaningless messages to the world praising MY Lord being the TRUTH.

    I wonder. What do you think? Could Pee Wee one day convert to Fundamentalist Christianity - just like the Swiss Evangelical Illi converted to Salafism?

    Or could USA Tea Party and bible belt have something in common with AfD and Evangelicals in Germany? Or even Salafism and political parties in Muslim countries?

    The symbioisis of the loosers or rather imagined loosers?!?!

  17. Vergleiche hat der Pierre Vogel.
    Aus seinem Vido auf FB.

    Viele Muslime könnten alle Spieler des AC Mailand aufzählen, aber keine 10 Gefährten des Propheten.

    Wer wird schon noch die Spieler des AC Mailand kennen, wenn die schon 1600 Jahre tot sind.

  18. Da ist schon wieder so viel Spam hier in den Kommentaren von irgendsoeinem englischen Bot.

    1. Ja, da hat einer viel Zeit, und er weiß wohl nicht wie er die Zeit für etwas Richtiges verwenden könnte. So hetzt er lieber in einem "Funny-Mäntelchen gegen 80 Mio. Deutsche".